Thursday, November 17, 2011

How Did I Choose the Name for My Blog??

Whoohoo! My first big fat blog entry. You may be wondering why I chose such an entertaining name for my baking blog. Well, there are two reasons, both of which I think are perfectly sane and acceptable.

The first reason is embedded in the fact that about three years ago, I developed a strong (and strange) obsession with bundt cakes. My work as a cake decorator in a popular ice cream shop had slowed down in the early autumn days, and so I decided to start playing around with cake recipes to occupy my creatively void time. I was conjuring up edible pieces of Heaven, both by doctoring high quality cake mixes (trust me, I have fooled many 'cake mix snobs' with some of these recipes...) and trying to improve basic from-scratch recipes I'd find online, in cookbooks, and somehow tucked away in my own loose-leaf paper collection. I found the most time-efficient way to test out my projects was to bake them in bundt pans. No layers to deal with, no frustration over frosting, and perfectly even-baked beauties each time, due to the famous hole in the middle which serves as a heating core. And it then it went far beyond convenience. People LOVED these cakes! I was giving them away to neighbors, sending them with my husband to his work, and also taking them to my job...even baking them for charities. Everyone would consistently comment on not only the taste but the TEXTURE of my creations. It was so nice for people to finally eat a truly moist and marvelous cake without having it masked by pounds of frosting. A nice thick glaze with a little frosting on the side...or perhaps just a Plain Jane with a dusting of powdered sugar was all that was required.

The second reason? The delightfully famous bundt cake scene from the movie 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding', involving the bride and groom's mothers.. I love it, I love it! Everything from the argument over how to properly pronounce the word 'bundt' to the confusion, by the mother of the bride, as to why the cake was structured to have a hole in the middle. The characters were like a starry night and a stormy day, somehow complimenting each other in way that shouldn't work but just does. They also gave us all a good laugh at the many cultural differences that are so often misunderstood but that leave room for a little fun-poking. (If you've never watched the movie, just click on the YouTube link I provided at the bottom of this should take you that scene of the move.)
And as the name of this blog suggests, I will be sharing with all of you lovelies my joy in baking bundt cakes. I plan on sharing recipes that are created both from scratch and and from the box, doctored up with rich ingredients and a lil' love. So there will be a little of everything for everyone. I know that some of you may be purists, but I gently persuade you to give one of the 'doctored mix' recipes a try, just at least it for me, because I'm asking nicely. *bats eyelashes* And the same goes for all you home bakers who fear the creaming of butter and sugar. I PROMISE...if I was able to acquire the scientific skill known as 'baking from scratch', then so can you! I am not a professionally-trained pastry chef nor did I spend hours in my grandmother's kitchen, watching her make the famous pecan pie and red velvet cakes I commonly dined on around the holidays...or whenever. I have cried many tears, thrown away many cake-bombs, and spent a third of my life pouring through cookbooks, watching Food Network, and more recently scouring other baking blogs. This is how I learned. This is how you will learn.  With ease and grace...and a few expletives from time to time.

Peace, Love, and Angel Hugs,
Trish xoxo

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 'It's a Bundt' scene--very funny!: